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40 Reasons (Assembly of Dust)

40 reasons why I often wonder Bought a girl who lead me on through the thunder and the rain Why don''t you ever hold me I don''t believe you told me 40 reasons why I am singing My head is turning and my heart is stinging and You have got me on a string That kind of love can be a lonely thing growing old gives people the blues but growing older always gets you confused I been working and I sit for a while and my mind wanders to your distant smile I bend down to tie my shoe lord knows right then that I am thinking of you I am listening to my favorite band and I am wishing I was holding your hand I keep hopin'' that one day you''ll see and you''ll go looking for a man like me cause I am like a song without notes with out you, without you I am like a little boy without hope without you, without you I am like the moon without the sun dark and lonely cause your the only one. Hear what I say I''m dark and lonely - I''m dark and grey I''m dark and lonely in and of the day I''m dark and lonely without you