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Grand Design (Assembly of Dust)

I saw beauty above the clouds I was hiding behind the station People lined up on every block came to witness the coronation In the hush of the night there was light from above and a loud commotion Saw the queen as she passed and I fell to one knee in a show of devotion Does anybody know if there ever was a grand design to get what you''re after The little that you show is only some of what''s below but please let the fool be seen again Confounded woman, won''t you come to your senses Cut the wires that bind my hands can''t you see the war has ended Over time I resigned and my thoughts grew as black as a crow at midnight My head shook from the wine that I took and I staggered into the moonlight Saw the queen from afar as she gazed through the stars and I swore she beckoned Kissed the earth where I fell with my lips I could tell it was the wrong direction Anyone could see that the road in front of me was blind and would lead to disaster The turning of the wheel carried us away from here, let the April rain return