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Roads (Assembly of Dust)

There’s a light in the kitchen, somebody’s home A woman is sleeping, a man sits alone Alone, all alone. Then comes the dawning Then comes the morn The woman is yawning And daylight is born. The roar of an engine The coffee pot perks Then off to the office to a room full of jerks Again, once again (Chorus) I don’t know where I’m going but I’ll get there. Sometimes I’m wondering where will it be? On the Riviera A man was painting Greece The image that he captured- Hercules and the golden fleece Again, once again Evening came and found him His paintings looking fine He put away his brushes And went out for some wine Again, once again Having met a woman They went out for some air He loved her like his paintings And he wondered if she cared Did she care? (Chorus) Now there is a farmer With calloused hands and feet The wagon wheel is busted The kids have yet to eat, again Once again. They gathered at the table With loving in their eyes He looked at them contently He looked at them he looked at them he looked at them He looked at them with pride Once again And when the meal was over He kissed them all goodnight And sat down by the fire feeling everything was right All right, once again (Chorus) This is a song about lifestyles Decisions that we make Roads that we abandon And others that we take We take - roads we take