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Speculator (Assembly of Dust)

It?s a good song, playin on the radio It?s a fine fine day, I tell you cause I think it?s so. It?s a good life that comes upon ya now and then. And I tell ya cause I think it?s so. I was walkin? down the hill beside The town in which I live this evenin? Alcoholic lemonade in ice filled glasses Givin way to the evening - heat, mm-hmm This is what I saw By accident I caught a woman getting dressed She nearly looked away. And the big round sun was falling down It grazed the pavement, touched upon her gray This is what I saw {chorus} Sipping beer on aging porches Crooked walls, built before my birth. Latent heat on the quiet streets and,People sleep and people talk this evening, mm-hmm. His is what I saw