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Right Between The Eyes (Same Difference)

Been around from the very start of time Everyday another person wonders why There are times when moving forward Leads back to where we started from We try to look for the finer things in life A quick fix for a temporary high But the hardest thing is making it last When all is said and done So take your time and sail above Enjoy the ride Cuz just like love when you're not searching It'll hit ya right between the eyes There'll be times When we're living through it all You're on top and then suddenly you fall But maybe happiness will come to us when We've lived on different ends So ease your mind And let it come when the time is right Just like love When you're not searching it'll hit you Right between the eyes We've all had moments We feel like the circle won't end But each time round Is a chance to begin again Cuz when you finally learn The way to just let go That's all you need to know Been around from the very start of time (just don't give up the hope) Slow down keep enjoying the ride (and you are not alone) Just take your time (slow down) Sail above, enjoy the ride Just like love when you're not searching it'll hit ya And you'll realize it's already there Right between the eyes Right between the eyes