Broken Stone (Falchion)

The ancient tale told me That ravens hold the broken stone And knights of mighty valleys Protect that sacred amulet It's time to walks to the ravenrocks And set the poison free I want to now the secret Lying deep inside the ravenrocks Demonic whispers and silent spells Calling a travelling man Dying for a secret I am thirsty of knowledge The ravens fly around the wooden hall I hide into the deepest rocks Time has come to attack And use the venomous magic I rush from my hiding And spell the curse The ravens wings above me Protect me from enemies arrows I sense my strenght And I drop the broken stone The earthquake crushes the ravenrocks And the new land start to grow This was my conspiracy with ravens And I'll fly like them I scram alone in the lonley hall Someone answered to my call This is a mark of a new battle Survivors have to fight eternally I'm walking home and with honour I bear my sword I'm ready to fight the next battle Guardians of my folk are alway with us I praise you, oh, I praise you