Dying Dreams (Falchion)

Lifetime of waiting, warm feeling of sunshine Just wanting to wake up, inhale crisp clear air Come in through an open window, the rays of the morning sun I'd get up go outside, I'm home and I can feel it Gone are my dreams, I'm not surviving Alone I am hoping, all hopes I'm losing Sickening thoughts of doom taking in My dreams are dying, just gone, forever See in the distance, the trees are green Mother earth organic, its leaves are falling A reward of a life of nothing but failure Drown in ashes, death of a dream After all, be proud of this life You may feel blank but don't feel fear Burning smoke of death reaches you All that's left, a long lost world Leave it to them to decide my fate Temporary peace is over soon The morning sun goes dark, disappears It's cold again, I'm lost among the dead