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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Empire (Demians)

Sing goodbye In ... time Will you ever remember Awakening on a slumber I won't ask.. you To fly so high And help me to lift the weight I'm feeling deep inside In this place that's so familiar We'll stay our temple forever. We'll see the light Brighter that ever Whether you choose to stay Or if you choose to run way Your live is ours And there is no other way And if one day I choose to run away We'll be together When we remember that day. I still feel the sun is trying I remember deeply then I will miss you .. when you leave me. Remember now This moment that we share Will never make me forget Why I choose to stay It's an awakening.. Dawn of slumber Awakening.. It's the dawn of slumber It's an awakening.. Dawn of slumber Awakening... Dawn of slumber Choose to stay Or if I choose to run away Your live is ours And there is no other way Contemplate now December in my dreams. Where even all I feared Will make me disappear Remember now.. This feeling we once shared And keep them in your head. Even when we're far away from... Awakening.. Dawn of slumber Awakening.. Dawn of slumber I won't say goodbye this time I won't let you die inside my mind. Don't tell me goodbye this time Or don't let me die inside my mind