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Feel Alive (Demians)

I won't ask you why you're not smiling Ask no question hear no lies And your familiar tedious storyline is splitting our sides But maybe it's time for you to find new colors To radiate your own splendor As the ugly girl who blames the mirror Let me draw the lines of this world falling down While you cry and you soar on your glorious road We fought your lies, your chloroform So long, let the wolves come I'm already gone Shine on little soldier With your revolution smoldered in Your familiar tedious storyline, wasting our time But we're all gone now and remember We'll be the flowers blooming on your gravestone Unleash the wolves Let them come If you really want to look beyond this wall Wait here for the punchline All the lines are drawn Unleash the wolves Come I'll keep holding on But I don't want to die Before I figure out some way to feel alive Unleash the wolves