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Blind Man (Euthanasia)

I was alone in a burning house, I arrived there just in time. This was to be my last act… But my mind froze my steps. I couldn´t go on. Please take my hand And put it on the cold ground. I swear, that anything I have not seen I´ll find afterwards. And maybe one day you‘ll understand that I looked forward to this. Ref.: Where is light on my way? I´ll give the stone cold heart to fallen angel Where are their prophecy? I can´t dispose of feeling of danger. I promise, I will be praying for coming souls, theirs fates are here There are too many worlds, which I would like disclose someday. I was alone in a small town I stayed there all my life I used to hear songs of night in the cemetary And the tones of church psalms, Songs of my solitude.... Please show me the sun, I want to see Mother Earth once more. I keep seeing the final scenes when chimeras of life are passing through my ideas about family and coexistence with love... Bridge: I wanted to leave quietly But the opportunity did not come. Balancing on the edge of madness With a black candle I extinguished the light of days. Behind a curtain of sound I felt at home, In a burning city with the remains of an image in my memory...