Identity (Euthanasia)

I promise, as I see you crawling on the ground - Everything will come to be. Everyone can see behind the screen a reflection of heavenly light, but.... We lost our faith We became lost in the future Nothing lasts forever. Where there are damned skies and oceans, There is time for the pain…and for eternal abandonment. This human race has overstepped its condition A deformation of souls and thoughts. We´re dragging a bloody flag, colored by the night and the reddest tears. We lost our face We lost our identity Standing on the threshold of a new evolution Which will be for us the final destination. I do not believe anyone remembers What exists around us. We close our eyes and we know why We fight for money and the children cry. We lost our pain, We lost our judgement. Nothing lasts forever. Whoever wants to stare at empty hearts Can lift up his eyes....and thousands of phrases echo from faraway Who cannot cross over must find his end... That is what we chose, there can be nothing else.