Unspoken (Euthanasia)

Take me away, Sir, from the mirror of the past The tears are dripping in the eternal well And ripples on the surface create Impenetrable cells surround the seconds of our lives. All unspoken, There is no one left I can confess to. All unspoken I can swallow up the letters of those sentences. All unspoken, A tongue, as carved from a throat. All unspoken, Writing alone on the wall of tears. The presents has been scattered into the dust Why do I wake up in the past? I can see through blind eyes Into the kingdom of the fallen. The words I haven´t spoken Are disappearing in the depths of burried hopes. In the echoes of unlived tomorrows I learn to listen to the steps of solitude. Dancing shadows create a silhouette Of celestial freedom and connection. I´m waiting by the wall of tears. Outsider the borders of time, inside the temple of light. The unspoken desires When you couldn´t peer into my soul. Unspoken admissions follow you You drift through my world toward my arms Without prejudice and monotony.