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All The Glory...All The Loss (Morgion)

This flame...light, creation. Below my loveless divine...serpent. My soul is bu a deep, dark well. Her grace, benevolence, beauty. Wings, tenfold, harbringer, fate. Rune, flesh, pleasure, wealth. Everything beneath it's glare. This time spells the end. Nothing, empty, savage, seeking. This earth, this place, knowing... The raven within my body. My soul a deep, dark well...time shall never sever us, for the flame shall Be us all. The wolf within this vessel. My soul a deep dark well. I am Hades fire, for the flame shall be us all! I shall not be, will not be...fate becoming. To wish, to sense, to feel...whole. I have not this want, take not this need. I shall not be, will not be, loved in memory. Like the moon above and the ground below, emptiness... Acceptance of being whole. I was once destined.