Familiar Faces (Rhymefest)

[Chorus:] All around me are familiar faces, Worn out places, worn out faces, Bright and early for the daily races, Going nowhere, going nowhere, Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow, No tomorrow, no tomorrow [Verse 1:] They say don't put off tomorrow what you could finish today, (I say) The rest of your life's only seconds away, (I rate) Success of a life by decisions we make, (I hate) The fact that they judge every step we take, (I can't) Wait for the Lord, Revelation's my fate, (I paint) Pictures with words, fuscia teals and greys (I shine) Hot as the sun you can feel my rays, No wait you can feel my rage! I'm burning inside, nobody can speak my language, We all wanna be different, but we doing the same shit, Wear the same clothes, same chains, same cars, Got the same goals, wanna be the same stars, Same heart break, we carry the same scars, I carry the same scars! And when you finally made it, there's no real friends just smiling faces. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] It doesn't start on our birthday, Half of us wasn't planned in the first place, The other half of us was given everything they got, There you have it, the have and the have-nots, I was born on a black spot, My life's a plane this song is the black box, Put it on heat it, it will find a five minute's of a genious the world will never see it, Never believe it, It's in our palms but we can't seize it, Within our reach but we don't reach it, Don't tell me that I can't be it, I have the one till it ain't even, I ain't leavin till I ain't breathin, No apologies, no tears, no emotions, no fears, Look at my face you can't even see the years, But carved in the tree are the words "I was here". [Chorus] [Verse 3:] NO! No one can tell you what you oughta be, (My) My silent thoughts are heard audiably, (It's) It's like people don't have ta talk to me, Their body language speaks louder just when they crossing me, Brushing me, bumping me, touching me, I can feel their energy, Hating me, loving me, cocaine and hennesy, Mix it with ego's music models and industry, It's hard to seperate reality from fantasy, So does it matter if I'm here or not, If I was around could you hear the shot? Would my father miss me, you think a tear would drop? Would the world stop spinning and the clock stop? I think not. [Chorus]