Chicago-Rillas (Rhymefest)

[Chorus: Rhymefest + Mikkey] Meet them Chicago-Rillas Yeah..And we some cold hard killas Meet them Chicago-Rillas Yeah..We came to get that scrilla [Mikkey:] Uh, point blank Charlie, I'm that nigga Been killing them Kanye tracks before Jigga Hooked with No ID when Kanye moved to NY I was in the hundreds runnin around totaled semis Left Cash Money and started my own empire And we don't do no bird call, bitch we been fly And we won't kiss another man in the mouth, we GANGSTA But we will run up in your house and stain ya Close range murder remain ya Empty the whole clip plus what's in the chamber And if this won't help you Joe you know what we aim for Lower that ice boy you know what we came for, nigga Act like it we gon' put you to sleep We'll own everything worth some even your teeth And beef, you don't want, it I promise that This is south homicide of Chicago, honor that [Chorus] [Rhymefest:] You could never hold this block like I do You grew up with a house full of women and let your momma pussify you Started gangbangin in high school Got your ass whipped and you stopped gangbangin in high school This is something to ride to Bitch ho wonderful Twista, Common and Kanye look real comfortable Bump, Fest and Mikkey fin a snatch it from under you I'll help a nigga bag dependin on how my numbers do Huh, and this ain't Wayne talkin greazy, greazy This is just your mannerisms and they need me, need me I'm a gremlin out the 12 ho feed me, feed me Girls we got it's too hot for TV, TV THAT'S RIIIIGHT, Naw it ain't Jeezy, Jeezy Them Chicago-Rillas gon' snatch ya freebie Wear it around the hood, believe me And when you want it back the price moved up like George and Weezie I will never sit, y'all will never tell When the heat is on, I will never bail I will, never--let a stud extort me I'll run up in your house with my leaking wing fin a spit poetry I'll put a punk head with a floor beat I'm like bullets flying through the hood, you can't ignore me BITCH [Chorus] [Bump J:] My crew is thorough I see life through a barrel I'm clean cause I make green like blue and yellow I got a deal, I ain't flash-you'll ball out I went in cops with crates of guns and passed 'em all out I'm that hood, make rappers call it quits I've been good, Atlantic just made it all legit It's all real, y'all rappers just act hard And we spend money like it grows in our backyard The MAC-11 is with me, I'm goin well over 80 In that navy blue 760 And I'm headed towards the hundreds, the king of the city Going to get this money (with Rhymefest and Mikkey, NIGGA) Crossing them, you're dead wrong I will grab that chrome Put it on your head like some head phones You don't want Bump to squeeze till the leads gone Block bloody murder, redrum (redrum, NIGGA) [Chorus]