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Never Returned (Booze & Glory)

He dropped outta school when he was 16 He said: "mum and dad I'm gonna be a Royalmarine" So he went down to the AFCO And signed his name to the Queens payroll Basic training went down in the breeze Didn't break a sweat, he passed it with ease A lot dropped out but not our boy Next thing he knows, he is on foreign soil Shoved to the front with a gun in his hand The boy that went out came back a different man His eyes once bright, now seem dull I don't know what he saw, coz he never told For six month at a time he's on the front line Then back home again to see his family and friends But time moves quick and he's off again That's the last time he ll see them Was it worth all the broken hearts? Fighting wars that ain't even ours? Believe me or not but he did come back In the wooden box drapped in Union Jack... DONT KNOW WHAT HE SAW HE NEVER SAID A WORD COZ THAT BOY THAT WENT AWAY NEVER RETURNED...