Waiting For Tomorrow (Booze & Glory)

Here's an old story of a place I know well It ain't exactly heaven it ain't exactly hell But this is the place where I grew up Where dirty rigs and pissy lifts were just a part of life This ain't a place to leave in it's a place to survive But this is the place where I grew up Where the villains and the thieves and the benefit cheats All get along quiet happily this is the place that I call home In the shadow of the city we try to live our lives Where there once was dock's there's another high rise This place don't feel much like home It's hard to keep your chin up and your head down So I don't blame no one for doing what they can Do what It takes to leave this town Where your hopes and dreams are the only things free I think the time has come to leave this old place feels new to me With the promise of good times to come Keep the faith and wait for tomorrow As we get older the years pass us by Hope starts to die as time is running out Here's an old story about the place I used to know Another concrete jungle, just another shit hole This is the place that I call home I keep on trying to leave it but where else is there to go These streets where I grew up, these streets are all I know All these places I cal my own Where the people that I love all still live Where I became a man from the kid This is the place that I call home.