Lovelinesse (Moriarty)

Running naked through poppy fields Woth my anchovy flapping freely in the wind Then I see Father O'Reilly And I confess, Yes I have sinned And Father O'Reilly, he spoke to me slighly And winked at the nun sitting bare on his knee. My anchovy rising, it was quite surprising A cat of a nun that filled me with glee A church it imploded, a herd of green puppets Demanded a pizza with chocolate and cheese The nun in a frenzy she swatted the puppets And prayed to the God of my proud anchovies The taste of a Pizza, it seemed to increase her But father O'Reilly broke up from the Wait He fell in the field, but the nun didn't yield, The poppies they burst exploding his fate. The oxygen missing, my anchovie hissing, I ran through the fields calling for help I tripped on a poppy and felt kinda dopey Dropped on the earth with an opium yelp! Lying naked in poppy fields with my anchovie flappin' freely in the wind Then I dream of Father O'Reilly And I truly know, yes I have sinned