motel (Moriarty)

Long distance call with the lying man He said twenty miles from the airport is the promised Land A night in detroit he perfumed my ear Come into my spot no reason to fear I'm inside the postcard and soon I can smell The spell of the Motel The lying man was standing deep in the shade Singing a sweet serenade He's back in the sixties Hell's angels parade We were surrounded by graveyards and american flags It was the end of the day We walked to the room and started to pray So hungry I went out to find a sushi The avenue was vast - a desert Nothing but a pale girl staring at me I'd rather meet a pervert or a human sushi She asked me for a nickel I ask her for a piece Misunderstanding No reason for a battle I went back to the motel The only light I could see I needed a bath and bubbles around me I vanished into the water and gently smiled I sniffed my baby's pants and lied on her sidewalk's Tomorrow we'll be in Mexico