Come Clean (Vaughan Penn)

I'd like to think that you're finally able But you camouflage it in your mind Well it works best when it's all on the table But you hold it in and live your life I think that God is sending us another way to make it I just don't know how many chances he will take But right now something's gotta change Come clean Deliver me Cause I've seen everything that there is to see I mean, this is killing me Living in the middle of the lies of this hypocrisy Everyday I hope you're getting stronger Since you introduced yourself to you But I can't really take this any longer Your procrastinating, selfish view I think that deep inside your soul there lives a wounded angel I hope one day that someday she can fly away But right now something's gotta change Right now something's gotta change Right now This epiphany gets the best of me Every time I try to be somebody I'm not I'd be a fool to just ignore the situation Oh God, am I in need of some conversation