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I Can't Help Myself (Vaughan Penn)

I looked in my closet, I looked in my drawer Lookin' for favorite jeans, lookin' for my favorite jeans You were gonna take me out, where we used to go Every Friday night around the corner I used to meet you How I wish we were right there, right now I know what's wrong, I know what's right But I know how I feel tonight And, I can't help, I can't help myself I realize just what I miss every time I feel like this Cause you and me need to be together I can't help myself You were wild and I was too Cause I was really into you You were really into me We used to get real high on each other When we'd go flying in your car I swear we'd chase the moon down 'Til the sun came up Cause I was really into you I can't help, I can't help I can't help myself Lookin' for my favorite jeans Cause I was really into you