I'm Over It (Vaughan Penn)

I'm over it You put your tattoos on You put your glitter in your hair You catch them one by one With your voodoo-eyed stare You've got a calculated reason for everything that you do It's like a smack in the face You say you're everybody's friend but I've got a name for people like you And, I'm over, over it Haven't I been nice to you? I'm over, over it Haven't I been kind? I'm over, so over it For the last time You look so beautiful it's hard to see what you do Cause when you steal their soul, they'll swear they're falling for you Love mocking pretty vampire with an angel's face Everybody better watch out Somebody better stop you or I'll stop you myself And put you in your place For the last time You get so many chances More than most people do It's so hard to watch you use them And spit them out when you're through