Lucky Charm (The Black Sorrows)

Well I've left this place for good Like you knew I always would Can't come as no surprise But when you walk me to the door Like a thousand times before You should have seen it in my eyes I didn't notice my halo was slipping Someone should have follow me home My guardian angel went missin' Must have had wings made of stone They say its one short painless leap To that final dreamless sleep In the valley safe from harm But when the winds blow cold and hard It could catch you of your guard You might need more than a lucky charm See I'd like to be with you tomorrow Laughing in the cruel sunlight But I spent all the time I could borrow High as a kite You can sift through hours of proof You could stumble on the truth But you'll never be satisfied Cos all the warnings you don't heed And every useless thing you need Just feed the fire inside