Convict (French Films)

I'm a convict in a madhouse blues Trying to live by the silver rule I don't understand a word about Pension plans or saving accounts It's weekends and the nightlife tunes Dying lust in the smoking rooms They take whatever they make Heart fails or Jesus saves Now was it all I ever wanted too All I ever wanted too Flick through for a better view Screens get bigger for smaller news I'd like to love but it's a teenage dream And all the Biebers turn into junkies at nineteen Suits, ties and lies for good Black-eyed wives drinking Jack at noon Don't you miss your one last chance To lose everything for the dance Now was it all you ever wanted too All you ever wanted too Now was it all we ever wanted too All we ever wanted too Oh everybody's waiting for something But who's crawlin' to the right way Oh everybody's waiting for something Hiding from the devil in the morning