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Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine (Wyrd)

Life fades away like the days Autumnal rains sweep the plains Once at one's journey's end So short seem our days The eternal arrow of life Points to one direction only No matter how you try The wheel keeps on turning Flames of life, flames of death Ashes of man and oak and pine Mingle and soar beyond the day Far beyond, north away Into the glacial waters Of the ice cold nothern lakes The flame of life has sunken Deep down below the waves The skyline aflame burning red And the flames caress the stars Like fallen from the skies They mirror from water's placid surface Follow the sun, follow the moon Ashes of man and oak and pine Mingle and soar into the night Far beyond, north away While you live let your spirit soar And your fire burn forevermore As those who crawl Might as well be gone