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Boxing (Jolly Joker & P.B.U.)

Some of my friends are boxers Down on the Wall Street They are realy great guys They came and said: Jolly Stop fooling around Jolly Come on and work for us I said: Boys are you crazy? They said: Dont worry about us We will make a real man Out of you Everything went up and smooth Red underwear, leather gloves Becaup de vitamines Thats just for good concentration On Friday my first match Was realized Chorus: Honey forgive me at last That im not a boxer Get rid of your football shoes Im your Jolly Joker And belive i tor not Im gonna nibble on your ears I killed the vitamins And the rest is history I hit anything that moved First went the politician The sekond knock out Was referee Honey what should i tell you I got everything even that They had to tie me up But why did i have to Piss in a glass? They kept talking About some polician Mon ami, rival man Was ever sweatig They said: Some, some politician