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Human Harvest (Diskreet)

Bleed! Covered in a sheet of guilt Cold wars, machines will be built All built by the gods Collapsing in, collapsing into us all Machines become maker Become creator, the eraser Marching through remains of humans Violence becomes greater Drugging humanity into a narcotic coma A narcotic holocaust Tubes filled under the skin Feeding the power Lighting the sky's Architectural nightmare Bodies spread into fluids Soaking up the machine, blood becomes fuel Bio harvesting Internal evil is growing A time for metal It will destroy us all Searching our minds Your thoughts are not real Necropolis Praying for world domination Harvesting knowledge raped from the dead Damning us all Blinding lights fill the sky over and over The earths grave yard We bleed the prices of our technology You built this, now lay down Before your child Blinding lights fill the sky Illuminating a vast graveyard Machines built spill through catacombs of our country We built this curse Victims of a human harvest We are but cattle, feed the machine Human harvest