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The Fall of Mankind (Diskreet)

This is my life End of all and everything No belief This is the fall of man In seconds we crumble Unable to piece us back together Destroy everything inside our world Its only meat, its only trees Human plague, it's a true tragedy Fuck you I want to rip your insides out of your fucking mouth Destroy your brain and it leads to chaos Cause they say this is what I am Into eternity, this is war, this is Disease waits to infect and corrode The beast consumes the man of which I was I am animal, I am beast A mutation from disease Crushing down on you like the jaws of a shark Like the jaws of a shark Caving in, collapsing into self Peel back ribs revealing corrosion I am now ridding of mortal flesh I am now infested Waiting under the skin Thriving, worming its way out Thriving