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The Spirit Never Dies (Torture Squad)

[Part I - The Gods of Blues Are Talking] Desolation in my soul Bad premonition. My life will change This is the way of the ancient spirits Walking among all these remains Survivor in this chaos Born to lose I live to win This is the way of the ancient spirits Walking among remains and oblivion Keep the soul strong while the water comes pouring down Cold hitting the ground The devastation has not taken all A true flame shines in the night In the eyes of these forsaking Heroes born to fight (Storm) It's bringing chaos to the crossroads Dragging down dreams and stories untold (Warriors) Bring the music back to our lives Cause the spirit never dies [Part II - Under Voodoo Spells] At the crossroads the jinx was born He opens the skies a fatal reminder Ghosts disappear, storm arises The monster becomes much stronger Voodoo in your mind Don't forget the past [Part III - Here Comes The Storm... Again!] Die! Die! Die! The heavens are descending, crushing, tearing, ending... bringing us sorrow We start to Cry! Cry! Cry! Save our souls, spells and roots, praying to the... gods We're gonna Rise! Rise! Rise! Strong minds 'cause the spirit... never dies, rise!