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Welcome Home (The House Of Eternal Night) (Torture Squad)

There's a place where the night is eternal Spirits imprisoned to that living inferno Feel the carried air pressing your chest Listen to the groans of the souls without rest Nightmares flowing with facility This is a terrible prison inside of me House of the evil, violence is the law Chaotic reality touching on the open raw Welcome home ( The house of eternal night ) Welcome home ( You'll never see the light ) Freedom's a forbidden word in this place Evil lives here, hell face to face Harmful thoughts and dark emotions Spirits in black in eternal distortion Another world dominated by pain and by hate Abysmal wish to flee, marked by lack of fate A lost look inside these frozen walls Your dignity... it will falls Extreme repugnance rules your sickening souls Impious minds in disgust like a viper in your hole Land of depression where the human life isn't Worth what you eat Torture through the fear and pain! Rebellions are so easy to... unleash!!! Hell on the earth, home of maledictions A lot of people living in terryifing condictions Locked inside the walls of the fear and afraid Bad omens warning about a great disgrace A perfect example of lack of sense Bloody stories ready to tell Faces of death march to the rising hell