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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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All The Way (Playa)

Well Im The Type Of Guy That Likes To Ball With A Girl A Couple Of Friends And A Beer Have A Drink Or Two But Then Im All In For The Night Cause See Tonight Imma Need It More Than Twice Maybe Three A Do For Me You See And We Can Go... [Chorus:] All The Way, Starting Today Im On My Way, Round Youre Way I Got Haze And A Bottle Of Zay Hey Hey..Hey Hey Hey Hey (Now Im So Glad That We Set Aside A Day A Special Day For Us) Just To Chill And Barbeque And Discuss The Feelings We Have I Know You Have Cause I Can See Baby You Aint Foolin Me Not Today Or Any Day I Say We Can Go All The Way Yeah [Chorus] Oh I, Oh I Oh I Girl Im Feelin You Oh I Oh I Oh I Think I Can Deal With You Oh I Oh I Oh I Im Really Feeling You Oh I Oh I Oh I Think I Can Deal With Ya [Chorus]