Ms. Parker (Playa)

[Missy Elliott] Hey mommy what a playaaaaaa? Yo, yo, yo yo yo yo yo (4x) Black, black, black (Ms. Parker what you suckin' on?) Standin' on the bus stop suckin' on a lollipop [Static (Missy)] Hey, hey Ms. Parker what's you address? (Yo Yo, whatchu say, Static?) Hey Ms. Parker can I caress? [Black] Mmm Ms. Parker glad to meet you Mmm mmm Ms. Parker I do need you Tell 'em now [Chorus- Playa] Listen to my heartbeat Feel my wet lips Ms. Parker don't you trip 'cause Girl I know you want me Listen to my finger snaps You dig the way I roll And the way a brotha act? And your ex can't top that [Smokey (Playa)] Oh oh Ms. Parker what's that up your skirt? Oh oh oh Ms. Parker you know I'm a flirt Oh oh oh Ms. Parker can I ride with you? (I've never seen this side of you) And if you've got time to listen [Chorus] [Missy Elliott rap] Y'all know 'bout Ms. Parker Capital P-A-rker Lived at the corner of Fort Ruckus and Walker Always a talker, late booty caller Big squeeze them nuts, them spaghetti meat Baller stalker watch Ms. Parker get freaky Smoke too much reefa 'til she cheeky Ms. Parker got the mara weekly Give me funk 'til I'm stinkin' And if you wanna battle come and see me Check it one time [Chorus to fade]