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Playboy Like Me (Playa)

Whoa, babygirl You ain't been with someone like this Had chills like this Tell me how would it feel You know what Bet you ain't never Never met a playboy like me I'll lick you from head to toe First thing in the morning, morning Before you know it Girl you be shaking at the knees I know my love's off the hease You better believe it shorty You can say I'm like drugs Cause after I've given my love Girl I bet you be fiending, fiending I have them things Recognize that I am that man I hope you've been peeping game I'm trying to tell you baby I know you ain't never Met a playboy like me I know cause you cuss a lot And with me you're smiling, yeah My love don't play (This is your lucky day) Ooh girl I can hardly wait Wait to see you shorty And so it seems (You've been moping around) Don't let yourself get you down (Don't get discouraged baby) Ooh baby I got you (Better days headed your way) I think we should celebrate I bet you ain't ready baby [1:] I know you ain't never Never met a playboy like me I bet you've been cheated Don't worry I got you covered shorty I know I ain't perfect From head to toe I'm real as can be And I know I'm up in your mind Lovin' is on your mind I know you have never felt like this till you holla Never known a playboy like me Let me sweep you off your feet I know how to get you heated shorty Send you chills from your head to your feet You best to believe it girl I know you ain't never Never met a playboy like me I'm searching you for your spot (I'm a get'cha horny shorty) If you do don't got one Well that's okay oh girl cause I'll feel you up (You better tell her Smoke yeah) Nothing like a hand in your butt Wait till you fall in love Cause I be giving it to you Give it to you love (Wait till I do you baby) You see even if I ain't your type I know I'm gonna get'cha right You better believe in shorty [1] [2:] Rub ya, rub ya, rub ya Kiss ya, kiss ya, kiss ya Do ya, do ya, do ya Feel like nothing before Love ya, love ya, love ya Calling, calling, calling Running, running, running Running back for more