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Your Dress (Playa)

(ohhhh) It's been a long long time since I seen ya girl And you still looking good We go way way back, back in 86 You were the star of the hood But ain't a damn changed Since you're on your feet Coz baby I'm on mine too Don't forget those days in momma's house And all that we used to do Come here and Chorus: Unzip your dress I'm out my suit First we'll get high Then we'll get loose Unzip your dress I'm out my suit Tell me you're mine Girl it's all good Baby Girl, Let's shake this spot Tell your team goodbye Coz you're riding with me We're going back to the crib Get up on old times if you know what I mean It's them damn pale blue eyes You'll be giving me Ain't a thing you can say And don't forget those days back in momma's house And the way we would play Let me help you.... Chorus Check this out I hit ya before I miss My lover ridiculous One peck on your neck Then oh what the heck Oh maybe I lick your lips Or maybe I grip the hips What a relief it is The more the cushion The better the pushin The healthier growth it is I notice that you're impressed I'm drawing your interest I loosen my tie, I look in your eye You're fixin to lose the dress Don't give me no mess and no hassle Coz I'm not the one to wreastle It's either you're ready to deal Or girl you go'n have to skidaddle Chorus 2x Come on baby It's been way too long