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Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March (The Box Tops)

Sweet cream ladies, forward march The world owes you a living Sweet cream ladies, do your part, Think of what you're giving To the lost and lonely people of the night Out of need, they seek direction for their life They will love you in the darkness, Take advantage of your starkness, And refuse to recognize you in the light Sweet cream ladies, forward march Think what you're providing Sweet cream ladies, show your starch What's the use of hiding? Tell the socialites to look the other way It's instinctive stimulation you convey It's a necessary function, Meant for those without compunction, Who get tired of vanilla every day Sweet cream ladies forward march Puritans ignore them Sweet cream ladies do their part Sweet cream men adore them Let them satisfy the ego of the male Let them fabricate success to those who fail, And should penalties pursue them, When there's really credit due them, They might keep a simple fellow out of jail! Sweet cream ladies, forward march. O-o-o?