Vir Sapiens Dominabitur Astris (Nightbringer)

I trace my gate upon the wall of stars and pass into eternity Navigating the aeons astride the dragon of the wind's eye Through the tumultuous seas of space and time byond the great spheres of fire The last outposts and final beacons on the brink of the yawning void Here where the seeds of thought arise from naught And the Great eye is but a candle in the depths Black on pitch space unbound Here lies the Serpent (Katholikos Phis) Black on pitch space unbound Its writhing coils enfolding all things incarnate and yet to be From the Serpent's great maw issues the breath that is the life Of all worlds seen and unseen The winds of creation (And unto its great maw in time shall return) Destruction, Birth, and Death I am reborn Ever onward I soar where even the astral winds dare now blow To the beginning, the space beyond existence And from the stars unborn where no light has yet dwelled I construct my throne and illuminate my kingdom My will, the hand of the architect, my word a new note in the Eternal Song The gate of the Eye that I have awakened parts the mists of time Seeing beyond the vast aeons of eternity