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Dead Black Eyes (In Virtue)

Deep and silent Tidal current Swallowing miles of shore A shadow consuming the coastline Mountains are islands and islands are no more Swimming, lost in a nightmare We’re sinking off to sleep in a liquid grave Search in vain for solid ground Seven hundred fathoms down There will be no survivors Only corpses in the riptide Mighty Poseidon will have his way Cities lost in a deluge Another sunken monument to the dead All along the ocean floor Everything you’ve ever known There will be no survivors Only victims in the feeding frenzy There will be no deliverance Only corpses in the worldwide red tide Sea and sun And no other Here they come Eyes of murder We gave our hearts but it could not be saved We’ll lay the earth in a watery grave And I’ll sing a requiem for you Of gnashing teeth and dead black eyes And as the screams fall silent Another species cauterized We’ll bleed into the water And bleach beneath a blood red sun No witness to the slaughter But blackened eyes that overrun the world All around you the water will rise And the last thing you see will be Dead black eyes An endless horror wakened A seething sea of Kraken Something brushes past your feet They don’t come to hunt They come to feed Mouth of madness Open wide Face the horror deep inside The belly of the beast All around you the water will rise Flooding the world with a vengeance Coming towards you the blackest of eyes A murderous gaze in the waves Mighty Poseidon will have his way Taking the earth as his kingdom Only oceans to mark where we lay And circling fins for a gravestone All around you the water will rise There will be no survivors