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Broken Things (Attack In Black)

In my wonder I can weigh the loss that we all had to suffer felt in headaches from the knowing that our heroes lives uncovered to be seen as they'd always been nothing but a boring shade of blue from the knowing that I'l never sing in tune like the rest of you like the truth that beautiful could be wealthy spelt another way said to us in words that linger words that swear we'll make it through the day (chorus) let die our spoiled architect burrows let die our finger printed window sorrows let us address our wakes by name say, I'd have the strength to face you, day save the broken things in my life Ohh ohhhhh o-o-oh I found the need to stay alive reason enough to pay to mind that all of this could mean the world or be such a fucking waste of time HEY! (chorus) Ohh ohh the broken things in my life Hey! the broken things in my life THE BROKEN THINGS IN MY LIFE!!!