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20 Questions (Lootpack)

Ey Quasimoto man! (Quasimoto) Get off my back with the 20 Questions man There go Madlib the bad kid right over there from the Lootpack (Yes) Right over there man ask him man ask him "Where are y'all from?" We from the west O X to be exact Lyric arrest your pack with flows to drop your order format "But what y'all on?" Even though we flex until the exit On living daily, but that soundpiece always be some next shit "Are y'all original?" We stay original while your subliminal lines and minimal perception Poetical enemas for your section "I bet y'all money hungry" We dig in crates to get them papes "What, word" We droppin beats to clock ends meet "Now not only for the money" We're not only for them ends because if I wasn't gettin' paid I'd still be dropping beats until my grave "So who you down with?" I'm down with the Wild Child, DJ Romes, Ono and God's Gift "Oh, yeah" Kazi, Declaime, Medaphoar, Shock got the spliff (shock) DJ Twist, Can Kick, peace to Roc C., yeah Kikko, where my nigga Lali Like when I'm rushin' loops with E-Swift (yeah) Going out of town with the Liks, end up in A-T L-double-O-T-P-A-see-K, represent how I live every day "805" L-double-O-T-P-A-see-K, represent how I live every day "805"