B-Boy Theme (Lootpack)

Why is it ladies only out for money? Brothers only out to get hoes? If you really want to rock it with me If you want to hear a brother kick flows Participate! Ladies let me hear you say "Ow" Brothers let me hear you say "Ho" Everybody in the house say "LP" If you're on the East or the West Coast Believe that! What I don't understand is when Lootpack steps in the jam Brothers want to bob their head but somehow cannot slam Sometimes I can relate, but I cannot take Paying ten dollars just to watch no one participate I think to myself, "Lootpack, make that crowd lift, Make that crowd jump up to your surround gift" But before I bust a mic check this loud teen Attempts to pick-pocket the mic from Jack in front of the scene As I come with frustration and coordination My crew gets in attack formation and takes 'em out