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Forever Beef (Lootpack)

Trip The other day I was mobbin to the store to get a snack Then I heard something creeping from the back I turned my cheek and took a real quick peek And then I seen these fake MC's who wanted to beef eight deep Last week at the mall when they got dissed from the lyrics Now they out for revenge and they are coming for revenge there's no sweat Cause my automatic mic is strapped and this clips uzi rips easy weight in all black So I dip hit the corner turned around and then I blasted Hit one but the mother fake MC was still coming Then I stab to the lab just to gather up the weapons Put a J in my ear Grab my ear and now I'm stepping in full combat Plus my nickel plated piece Someone slippin at the park open fires shells release Hit three Then I have to hurry up and shake the spot To avoid all these cops Plus I almost got got With the hollow point rhyme Headed straight right past my dome Barely missed me by an inch Then it blasted in the pay phone Then I jet to the west to get my bulletproof vest From Madlib A void rhyme entering my chest Walking down town new islands by the gas station Spotted them Four of them fillin up they black surbaban Creeped to the other side tryin not to be seen I'm tryin to end this mess if you know what I mean Did it clean but this time I was like straight trippin I was high And I seen em fly right through the sentence Enter in the bass Then I quickly left the place Never heard from them again But there wasn't no defeat At least I got my crew on my side Forever beef A couple of days ago I was just chillin at the pad of crate diggers pile of laboratory in it like I was mentally mad So I proceed to head to j dude's crib A yo recall 4 lil nigga's bumpin like they be the ish So cut em off with the high speed chase I ran em off the road on top of that Yo they ride explode I put the metal to the floor and now I'm up here Brother left out of there before so I be trapped in my atmosphere Head back to the studio put on my back beats Some sucker's looking like coolio that be strapped Mac 10's in their hands So I proceed to hit the corners I'm the thing cause I'm thinking yo I'm kinda like a sniper Reclining the seat Turn the radio on cause I be hyped up See them again Forgive my sins I try to blend with the other cars Got out my seat And hide the gauge under my trench coat Came up and called rampage Now I'm in this hot predicament I'm sick of this Plus the beef I live with, this lyricist got me pissed so I start to dash Running down the bike lane Hopping to go fast Where ven police circling around my path All this cause the shrooms got me lift and creep Upon the night into the deep then I'll despite the next Forever Beef