Law Of Physics (Lootpack)

I'm down to battle any nigga that steps inside my zone That's word to my own, you'll get your head flown We could do this lyrical or I could bust a beat miracle To your eardrum, I make your dome numb Mysterical loops, not in numerical order, You ought to act up, so I can eat ya like some piranhas Yo I'll greet ya, just defeat ya, Delete ya off this West area, word to Wild Child, we'll mosh it up Cuz you're all washed up, star struck, ready to catch a bizzare buck But yo the raw addict, y'all, I'll make your crew take a fall I see you all until after the brawl because "...I'm on a roll and ready for combat" As we freak the physic (and/we break MC's on contact) Roll with the soul man, slow flow instigator Motivator of the greatest MC's with the hardcore data From the inner soul, Wild to the Child end ya flow Bros don't even know I'm like the baby brand, I'll kick that Evenflow Even though Madlib the bad kid crack ribs Lootpack's definition of abstract is To take the mic in ya one hand, motivation in the other Flip a freestyle flow and stop biting wack rhymes from another 1998, Lootpack drops the ill type I'll bet in 2000 wack brothers, yo, they'll still write That wack ish, the fact is Big up to the evangilistic baptist Church from Oxnard, it's the first Time that I represent, lyrically non-hesitant To grab a conscious style of rap and straight up represent Like this, I don't stop or quit Lootpack got props to get, soon as we drop the hit Yes yes yes yes "...I'm on a roll and ready for combat" As we freak the physic (and/we break MC's on contact)