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Unbreakable (Elam Katrina)

I remember the day you left me crying You just drove away I felt something break down deep inside I was lost and afraid Then I realized that love and life are Like a roller-coaster ride You've gotta laugh at the hurt 'Cause you get stronger when you crash and you burn And you live and you learn [Chorus:] I'm unbreakable I'm unshakable I've got a shatterproof heart I've lived through the leavin' Put back the pieces Learned from every scar Can't be torn apart 'Cause I'm unbreakable I'm seeing my life in full color For the very first time Looking at a brand new day I'll take whatever, give me sun give me rain Give me joy give me pain 'cause [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge:] I know I'm gonna fall bound to hit a wall It might hurt me (but I'm unbreakable) Sometimes I'm gonna win lose it all again It might bend me yeah But [Repeat Chorus]