Failsafe (Antischism)

At the root of revolution there must exist A love of life in it's purest form, life with total freedom. For how long can we stifle our yearning for release? How long until our kind realizes there is nothing beyond our reach? Learn, Learn Teach Learn, Learn Teach Learn, Learn Teach Anarchy and Peace These chains that we all where, are they for our protection? Or do they keep us bound to the system we've created to save us from ourselves. What are we really scared of ? Cast off these chains and take what gifts true freedom has to offer. In our nervous anxiety toward random chance, uncontrollable change, And all that is unpredictable, we have set a huge trap for ourselves And created a race within a vicious circle ever turning back To it's mournful legacy of self-destruction. I now call out from one to another, It's time that tradition be denied So that a primal wave of passion And true desire can unleashed upon this vicious human cycle, Turning it outward and giving us the power to manipulate What will be the destiny of us all. So with this love of life,arm your desire. The tribe is growing larger ,so watch this spark become the fire That lays this farce called government to it's final ruin And the past shall fade away as the flames consume them.