No Hope (Antischism)

I fear to lose all sympathy for the human race So sick of making excuse for an obvious disgrace This is a race that murders beauty and puts filth atop it's grave And though I was born the same I sit ultimately ashamed And I would so gladly love to she'd this cursed skin Give all this up for the chance to start again as anything but human So deep lies my disgust, so strong my venom. Yes, there was a time when I fought with hope Only to find that mere hope was a rope A quick painless death, their cure for my hate leaving me safe and sedate But soon enough you realize, it just don't work that way You can hope all you like but harmless you shall stay Mere hope is harmless,Turn it to rage! And with just this change of tactics, from harmless hope to lethal action, You set the wheels in motion and begin to feel a sense of satisfaction Watching the buildings burn, and when you can see fear in their eyes And though the stooges of the state will call you "terrorist", You'll know what you've done is just and right Then they will say you must hate people, look at all the damage done Label you a freak or fanatic, and they won't be entirely wrong But no you don't hate people, just what they have become Mindless greedy Mother fuckers, I can't bring myself to sympathy for such scum So no more of your lip service . There is no more room left on the fence You can't straddle it forever, are you with us or are you with them? And in the end this is the choice we are left with, And I for one will go along with those who fight the institutions of destruction For our ultimate liberation,because I know it's right Join us! Join Us! With strength who then could stop us? With strength who then could stop us now?