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Salvation Or Annihilation (Antischism)

Unless we act right now there will be no tomorrow This is only one example of government inflicted sorrow Stand up and be counted because every voice is crucial We have to stop the arms race, our governments refuse to We have to act right now it's a matter of life or death We must break down their wall if we want to breathe another breath Our future is at stake if we let them keep control We can build a human ladder and get out of their fucking hole Salvation or annihilation, the choice is up to you and me Genocide is now a threat, and soon to be a reality It takes but two sticks to create a spark, imagine the spark of millions A million hands joined in love to save us from the killing Salvation or annihilation the choice is up to me and you We face the threat of genocide and our leaders won't pull us through Disarmament is a giant step for love and peace and anarchy The choice is up to you now, we know where that path leads