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Stone Mirrors (Remembrance)

A storm of gray ashes lashes my face I watch the sky unreal and pale I witness the dance of clouds Until the tide breaks against the rock Waking up the silence's reign Where I stand, the skin of the earth Rests now of sand and stone When the waters turn our memories to stones Where I dance is where we will die The black ashes take me to a timeless sleep In which I fall, like you will too The springs melt in the beat Obsidian walls of larva Where I stand, we become rust An empty shell, dying on the seaside We are this desolated show This absence of colour My eyes are veiled by the dust, thick and heavy Stone-faced gaze of the mountain Watching me fight my way Through the looming stones And I run... I run the disembodied woods, the ash coated landscapes They are waiting to take me, but the gray mist will pretend that here, I never was...