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All I Will Leave Behind (Evadne)

The cold proceeds this time of death Nothing ties me to this world, but i have one more things to beg for That the soil swallows us together, is the last beg of my life Excuse me parents and friends, but this is my sad farewell Nothing ties me to this world and nothing else remains to say Please let me die in solitude, please leave me alone The cold precedes this time of death My world is falling down, tonight i will be dead Why do i have to continue living Why bearing this suffering, Why am i condemned For what i see a new sunrise «i hope that you'll understand that all your affection. will never be able to compare with a Second by her side. i don't want you to accompany me in this feeling i only want that you Understand that my place is together with her, sincerely yours» I abandon this world as i came to it, crying All i will leave behind will come with me forever Few have been the tears of happiness and many those that ruined me I'm crying thinking about all i will leave behind All alone with your remains All alone with my time arriving to the end Tired of this life that i leave behin