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At The Edge Of The Cliff (Evadne)

After a long path, There's a hope in the reality of my own On the top of a hill at the edge of a cliff When sorrow pass and tenderness never came My destiny is near nearer than you I'm crying for you Hearing to my heart I have no pride to life Thinking in our love, my salvation is the die Our time has lost And never come back Now I'm here at the edge of this cliff Sorrow in my thoughts, I passed all this time Searching something who can close my eyes Finally the search to the end arrives I'm feeling the fear of my heart emanate Thinking on you my remains are sad You were the best of all my life Fear, sorrow, madness Too much things presents to end my life Ruins, I dream At the edge of my broken desires My own desires Hope in my eyes oblivion Lost in the time of what I was Since you not are I'm burning In the closure of myself My salvation finally arrives At the edge of this cliff Jump in to the arms of dead Jump to end my life !!