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Bleak Rememberance (Evadne)

The moon turns off; the sun will never shine The star are remains and is quiet the land In the mirror of the time I couldn’t see your reflex I only see my despair, my own desperate The end of your life has marked me as a fire You condemned me to life against my own desire Wherever you are I always be by your side Better than this I only know the die Dreaming in the past time when you're all I can't believe the end of your life Since you not are I used to cry Every night, the end of your life Only I can know how strong is the pain Only you from the other side how much I love you Now see in this endemic fire How destiny has broken our biblic paradise Becoming in a bleak desert of silence With no point of reference for me Unforgiving remains saying what couldn’t be Whispers the moon, you are not for me I can't believe this cruel reality I can 't believe why you aren’t for me Believe in my promise, I’ll be on your side Eternally with you Feeling the wind I use to cry I can’t believe That destiny decide to me this bleak remembrance Each night I cry alone as you The end of your life How sad is my existence without you I forget where’s my path Your remembrance corrode me I don't need to be alive Can you remember all my promise? Can you remember that Our souls will be eternal Our souls will become in one